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Medialabel is a digital marketing agency focusing on mobile marketing and influencer marketing on performance basis.


With our main offices in Berlin and Seoul we work for highly reputed companies to serve best the needs of our clients.


Our team comprises experts with a strong track-record in corporate groups as well as agencies.


Our clients benefit from our strategic as well as operating skills. The right setup for a time-saving and successful implementation of campaigns.

frequently asked questions

Why app performance with medialabel?
  • We connect influencers with performance marketing to make up previously neglected potential
  • New & efficient billing model of influencer campaigns on a CPI model (Cost per Install) to optimize the ROI
  • Easy creation, handling and measuring of the app performance &  clear communication of the conditions with the influencers
  • Optimal scalability in media buying by accessing a global network of content & influencer channels
  • Our intelligent algorithm system delivers the requested amount of quality & sustainable conversions
Why influencer marketing?
  • Allows to incorporate banner blind target groups
  • Increases the app awareness in all relevant channels including mobile traffic & influencer marketing
  • Raises the search engine ranking of the marketed products
  • Targeted and personal approach of the desired target group
  • Reaches additional users who use Ad-Block technology
Why app marketing?
  • Apps generate more revenue & higher shopping baskets compared to mobile optimized websites
  • 90% of the time, smartphone users are within apps
  • Apps are able to catch more data & customers are better analysed
  • Mobile surpassed desktop use in 2015 and will reach 70% in 2017
  • Apps affect the Google search results in the ranking in a positive way
  • 24% of the total media consumption is focussed on mobile devices, although only 8% is invested into advertising

what sets us apart


We think and act in your interests, work proactive and in a transparent manner. Through open communication, we pass on valuable knowledge in a rapidly growing industry.


Performance and service are always our number one priorities. We demonstrate untapped potentials and bear in mind the latest happenings on the market.


The ability to react and adapt quickly are two important criteria for a successful campaign management.


We rely on long-term cooperations with our partners to deliver at all times best results and to ensure continuous development.

facts & figures

Implementation of more than 300 successful campaigns

Network of more than 3000 active Influencers

Acquisition of 20 Mio new App Users

Our technology analyses the user behavior of 1.1. billion App User


medialabel GmbH

Wallstraße 15 a

10179 Berlin

+49 . 30 . 55 59 86 03


medialabel Limited

Bukchon-Ro, 11Da-gil, #22

03052 Seoul

+82 . 10 . 53 93 61 86


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