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media buying

Through a constantly optimized media buying, we find and target new customers & (re-)activate the desired target groups for mobile apps. We analyze buying habits & customer user profiles and use them for personalized customer loyalty purposes.


App Installs – CPI

With our CPI solution, we only charge for the actions that lead to actual app installs on potential customers’ devices. In order to generate these installs, we market our clients apps exclusively in the appropriate environment for target groups. Our CPI marketing model guarantees new active users at reasonable prices!

App Ranking Boost

More visibility and organic growth through campaigns that boost app rankings in the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. The top positions in the Appstore fulfill maximum reach quickly, leading to the generation of new users.

Re-Targeting /


Many downloads are good, however in-app activity is the best! We reactivate users through goal oriented targeting and increase the customer base.

App Store


More than 60% of the downloads occur through search in the different app stores. The optimization of individual store entries, such as description, logos and pictures contribute to a professional appearance of the app.



Inventory for native ads is both targeted-orientated and globally available. Under these conditions the respective advertising medium  matches the user experience, resulting in a strong focus on the placed advertisements.



Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer the ideal opportunity to target the right groups of people and implement a successful campaign. A broad reach is a major advantage of this advertising method.

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