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influencer marketing

We connect advertisers and influencers through a performance based influencer marketing platform. The goal is to scale mobile marketing cost-efficiently whilst optimally combining it with social media channels.


higher retention rate  amongst consumers attracted by influencer promotion of a certain product.


of consumers decide to buy on the grounds of an influencer’s recommendation.


of consumers find authentic people more trustworthy in comparison to other advertising methods. 

Innovative Influencer Marketing

Only pre-approved influencers have access to our platform. The influencers produce their own content and upload campaigns material to their different social media channels.

The influencer picks a fitting app and starts the campaign with a unique tracking link which measures the performance.

The influencers promote the app in their own way on the social media channel of their choice, ensuring the highest possible engagement rate of their followers.

Through a call to action by the influencer, the follower is directed to the Appstore or Googleplay Store via a tracking link. Here, the app will be downloaded. 

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